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Welcome to Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

The stroke rehabilitation center is one of the best private centers for stoke patients care and stroke rehabilitation in Uganda.

Our state of art facility provides initial care and treatment for patients while in the center and on going individual rehabilitation when the stroke patient returns home. 

We see each patient as an individual and aim to work in partnership with our patients and their families to ensure the best medical care and possible recovery.

Stroke Rehabilitation Centre is an innovation problem solving and implementation solutions’ centre to both the survivors and their families. Most of the times, survivors and their families often feel over whelmed trying to figure out how to make the home environment safe, do activities together, practice exercises, communicate well and cope with each other’s emotion.
Our therapists work to treat both the young and the elderly with a soft and caring touch.

They encourage the patients to excel and achieve the highest possible level of functional independence through a pleasant work environment that resonates well with both the patients and therapists.

Meet our Medical Specialists

Fully understanding their problems, our team works closely with them to come up with practical solutions to the challenges they face through our comprehensive and Intensive Rehabilitation program

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

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Address: Gayaza Rd, 8.5 miles from Kampala 
P.O.BOX 24580 Kampala Uganda
Email:   info@strokeuganda.org
Phone: +256 414 692507 | +256 702 971253

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