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Welcome to Stroke Rehabilitation Centre

A stroke is a fearful experience for patients and families.  Stroke Rehabilitation Center is designed to give you peace of mind and all support following a stroke – focusing on living a better life again after a stroke.

Our multi-disciplinary team will be there for you every step on your journey to recovery and will provide you with individualized long-term care plan suitable for you and family members once you are back home.

Why Choose Our Medical Services

Recovering from a stroke requires acting fast, time, patience and expertise which is exactly what we can give at our specialized center.  When you come to our center, our team will work with you to create a customized programme based on your specific situation as you regain lost skills and adapt to new ways of doing things.

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Our Specialized Doctor's Team

Dr. Nnunda Ezra Kibirango

Rehabilitation nurse & case manager

Mr.Kayanja Henry

Senior physiotherapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ideology is based on compassionate patient – family focused care.


At the center, the patient is treated individually and our team sees the stroke patient recovery and treatment process on an individual basis.

occurs when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel to the brain.

Our visiting hours are flexible to accommodate the needs of family and friends of patients as much as possible because we believe that patients benefit from regular visits.

The stroke care commences immediately after stabilizing the patient from wherever you are upon contacting us.


We will work with other medical team members for the best out come.

If the patient is admitted in a primary hospital, we will need a referral form from your General Practitioner.


But in case you don’t have any doctor, your family can drive you in for the services.  Then our team will assess and advise you on the appropriate treatment. 

The length of the stay is established after assessment but usually varies from one person to another.

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